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Gallery - because there is no such thing as too many pictures


From lead-line to advanced jumping and dressage, Forth Downs riders do it all

(Although riders are given showing opportunities it is not a requirement)

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Fun and Games

We have an at home show called the "Forth Downs Invitational" 

Students perform a dressage test then get to do games.

The typical dressage program does not include barrel racing, pole bending or musical stalls.  But these speed games can increase rider confidence and over all understanding of how horses "work".

All boarders and students who can ride unassisted are eligible to enter the Forth Downs Invitational

In case you think riding is just for kids, I am highlighting the age diversity of students here at Forth Downs

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We have participated in the Jamul Parade on several occasions.

From Left to right:

My little ponies, Frozen,  Think Green

Yes, it was very wet the year we decided to "Think Green".

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